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Ha...I was just at Hertz to pay my fantasy league fee's


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Guys told me that 24 Hertz - lyft cars came back on flatbed in the last couple months to the airport holding tank for insurance claims adjuster.....all total loss.

I seen the lease car option screen wasn't avaliable here for a couple weeks.
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Bad drivers... new drivers have to look at gps , then also drive. At the airport majority never put any signals, and are lost when picking up pax. I see so many pax's waiving to these drivers, but the drivers still lost. Takes me less than 15 seconds to leave the gate with the pax.


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Paper Plate Ants, Paper Plate Ants Everywhere....and not a single surge to seek.
Lyft about two months ago began heavy recruiting in area by email and driving in Ubers giving out promotion cards.

If you try and get a rental car here for Lyft , it'll take a week or longer. I swear every person with a license, no credit or bad credit fell for this, big big win for Hertz & Lyft here.

Funny thing is, lyft primetime hasn't reached over 50% in months. In fact no matter what event, bar closing & rush, it's usually only 25%, mostly zero.


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25% Prime Time??? More ants signing up now

Its a rarity if we ever see a PT from them. I can be downtown at 3am and shuffle a dozen pings in a row, no PT shows up.
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