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Guy with $85k cash order shared ride to save $2


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This guy took $85k and put it in a backpack then got in a shred Lyft ride. I dont know what was dumber, taking a pool ride to save $2 when you have $85k on you or putting $85k on Tiger @ 14 to 1. That bet should have paid 40 to1 but you still need to a pay a premium just because his name is Tiger.



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billionaire owner of the patriots was visiting strip mall brothles when he could have hundreds of porno performers on payroll

billionaire owner of the clippers was busted up by spending time with magic don juan the pimps turn out

rich cheap people arent new

when i was in the sports book scene the degenerates would be betting 30K a half & sleeping at motel 6, im like dude bet 29K enjoy the rest of the night in a nice suite with a working girl

didn't read article but how are you tens of thousands in debt with 85K cash lol, pay the debt do what ya do with the rest

everyone has something they cheap on just hope he wasnt so cheap he didn't tip thats all that matters to me dont care if its $1 or $1000 its the thought & principal of it