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Guarantees getting smaller and smaller


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Chicago guarantee rates have been steadily decreasing. They would be anywhere between $25-$30 per hour, then $20-25. Now these cheap chumps are tossing around $18 and limited hours as if they are doing us a favor. No thanks. Even Lyft is offering $20 per hour. I'll be Lyfting this weekend.


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I just got an offer for guarantee this weekend. Riot fest and bears game.. $20 guarantee. I didn't even bother signing up.

I remember when the offers were up to $35. What a joke. And I bet every driver will be out on a road.. With this new xchange lease plans the surge will be a thing of a past.


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Guaranteed rates? Those don't exist here. Would you rather complain about having no guaranteed rates or lower guaranteed rates than you'd like?
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