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Hello, relatively new driver here. Well, I have been driving part time for about 6 months. In 6 months I have already seen the landscape change dramatically. But, I am not naive enough to think someone can master the ins and outs of a business/industry in 6 months lol. Anyways, I am aware that there is no known method as to how Uber sends out their guarantees, but I have yet to see anyone bring this up.

Did anyone who opted out receive the guarantee? If a lot of people who opted out received the guarantee, then no big deal. But, if everyone who opted out overwhelmingly did not receive the guarantee, then at least we can see that Uber is holding that against us/them.

Btw, I'd also like to thank the various people on this site that give good advice when it comes to driving. I, like many others, have used this site as a resource. It is pretty sad that there is no huge network or community of drivers out there. This is the closest there is to that. If that existed, I think things would be different. Ok, don't want to go off on too much of a tangent. Back to my initial question...

Did anyone who opted out receive the guarantee?

Thank you!


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I opted out and I received the guarantee...

Idk if I want to work during the guarantee because that thing seems so shady. What if I make more than the guarantee but drove more miles. That's the risk you take


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I also sent my Opt Out and got the guarantee email yesterday from Uber.

The guarantee pays much less this year than it did last year, and the requirements are much harder to meet. I'll pass.

I have not turned on the Uber driver app since NYE... and with the new rates I never will.

I only did a few Lyft pickups at LAX after dropping private clients there.

All 3 of the Lyft rides I got were crap and not worth my time.... live and learn.


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i opted out and got the email as well

i was still opt in during those guarantees only some people got during the holidays and didn't get that

it doesn't matter

as far as advice it would be to do the bare minimum possible. don't try to impress pax with anything other than your city knowledge and driving.
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Edwin omar

In order for you to get the guarantee do you have to work all of those hours, or can you just work the mon-fri days?