Guaranteed hourly vs guaranteed surge


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im going into the office tomorrow and asking to be taken off of hourly, if they wont give me surge thats fine id rather be a bronze driver and actually get trips and have gurantees that they make it impossible to complete


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I've gotten almost all hourly. This past weekend I still got hourly but there was also a guaranteed rate for all drivers and with the 2.0 minimum I made slightly more than the guarantee amounts. Very small difference. I did more rides to get the larger amount because I was hoping to do better than I did. If I had gotten more of the lucrative long rides to the burbs I would have made much more than the guarantees; it's luck of the draw. In terms of effort for pay I would have done better to do the minimum rides and skulk to one of my surefire deadspots to listen to books on tape. No, I won't tell you where they are. :smiles: