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Hi everyone guaranteed busy at Beckenham Junction Station BR31HY

Between 2300 - 0300 every weekend
Friday 2300-0300
Saturday 2300-0300

Bank Holidays aswell. Beware any other times highly unpredictable.

This is not like Croydon its busy and classy good jobs. Park up in Station car park and consider everyone as parking can get horrible for everyone.


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I don't think Regency Cars will be too happy with this post - but yes you're spot on Erika.

Funny thing is a lot of their drivers are already on Uber but go offline when its busy there because the rates they charge are better than Uber: £1.25 Uberx no good when the local cabs are charging £2.50 - £3.00 per mile

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The Beckhams won't be happy- they have just had to increase security arrangements at weekends.
The bill is in the post.


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I've worked off there a few times, true that station gets busy with Kent riders. The drawback is a one shot gun, you will probably get a £20 fare that ends the night.
The times I picked up from there, I got a job to the area and as it was late, that was the nearest busy Hotspot to head towards.


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Can you tell me somewhere that isn't busy during those hours?
It's a good post..we need more like this. Sometimes we might overlook small areas that can give us a decent fare at the end of the shift. Not everywhere is busy or has good in/out escape routes.
A couple of weeks ago, I made some quick fares out of that area.
Now with the new app update.."25% first no matter where/ how long" - we will never know how is going to be.