GrubHub: Hourly guarantees are slowly being phased out.


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I think GH has jumped the shark. Scheduling blocks went from 10:00 to 10:45. Just went on a 10:45:03 and was only able to schedule 5 hours for the week.

I suspect as my acceptance rate went from 98% to 95% and I dropped a block one night when I was sick, my block drop went from 10:00 to 10:20 to 10:45.

By 10:45 there aren’t enough left to make it worth while. As crappy as offers have been during scheduled blocks, I have zero desire to try to drive off-block.

To add insult to injury, I just got the “New Blocks” notification as I was typing this, at 10:54, and there isn’t a single block left.


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I was partner from the start but could still pick up some good blocks. I was out for a while and basically had to start over. I started out good (maybe get pro) but got a lot of orders to pick up in bad neighborhoods and delivery to worse ones were declined. Now when I pick there’s nothing there and almost nothing opens up. Going on off block can be slow or busy, just depends. Either the orders pay very good or I declined so not worried about guarantee anymore.


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GrubHub is the most restrictive and controlling platform out there with their block system and the recognition program. That supposed GrubHub employee said that there’s one thing that GrubHub does good... it shows the drivers all the information, but if you can only skip 1 out of 10 orders?? what’s the point in showing you all the information anyway. You’re not really allowed to reject anything to be premier on their platform to get blocks and offers... They do everything in their power that they can to drive out partners who actually exercise their rights as independent contractors... GrubHub is kind of a scam. They play a tricky game... Extremely manipulative and very controlling...

This week has been the worst with Grubhub for me ever.. started in 2016... they want me to maintain a high acceptance rate?? my first five offers tonight we’re 30 minutes away under $10 during rush hour traffic... I skipped all of those and trashed my acceptance rate... then they didn’t send me any offers for the next 2 1/2 hours because I don’t want to deal with their bullshit. You’ll be driving for $.50 a mile in my market.

I was sitting in an area of the market where within a 5 mile radius there’s at least a dozen restaurants to pick up from..

GrubHub dispatching in my market is absolute garbage. Their system needs to be improved...

I think if they cleaned up their dispatching most drivers would have better stats... after working the platform for 2 1/2 years.. the system is inefficient. In my market they have offers sitting longer and sometimes never picked up more than any other service.

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it shows the drivers all the information, but if you can only skip 1 out of 10 orders?? what’s the point in showing you all the information anyway.
The illusion of the driver being in control.

When a driver actually takes control, driver immediately gets punish by demotion.

I had a 5 hours block last night, all junk orders. I accepted one orders and refused the rest. I ain't driving 30 miles for a $15 order. I rather stay home, which is exactly what I did. After 2 hours, I un-scheduled all the blocks as there was no point.


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If they basically make you take 90% of orders then you should get 90% benefits like holidays paid time off and such all these gig companies treat us like employees but find little loopholes to classify us as independent contractors. Also make us basically only work for them with streak bonuses acceptance rates and whatnot