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Discussion in 'People' started by AichBeeUber, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. AichBeeUber

    AichBeeUber Member

    Orange County, CA
    Hi all:

    I'm Phil from Huntington Beach, CA. Became an Uber driver part time a few weeks ago and have 25 under my belt (so far 17 - 5 stars and nothing worse :rolleyes:). Wife also became a drive on Saturday, so we've been creating a little competition when we go out on weekends. Our kids are older and weekends seemed non-productive staring at each other so thought we would try this.

    We both drive 2 year old Nissan Leafs and the batteries have lost no capacity. I'm concerned one day I will be low on range and have to refuse a ride but that hasn't happened yet. It is pretty non-productive to go out and have to charge up when I'm 30 miles or less on range, but its OK.

    No terrible rides yet but I know they will come. Took a group to The Observatory for a concert on Friday and a dude's vape pen started discharging. The car smelled like a growhouse for about an hour but no perm damage.
    Additionally, Fabreez is your friend.

    I'm active on some other types of forums (primarily the game of Bridge), so look forward to chatting with all of you.
  2. Grahamcracker

    Grahamcracker Well-Known Member

    Honolulu, HI
    Hello Phil, Im Mike from Honolulu, HI. I have been driving part time for about one and a half years. I have just over 2k rides under my belt. I drive a 2008 Honda Fit. Lol, old car I know but I already owned it before I ever started rideshare. It's a great little money maker.

    If you don't feel like you can make it to their destination and back, just tell them it would be best if they ordered another driver and cancel. I'm sure most people would not want to risk getting stranded.

    Now some people might get irritated if they are on a time limit and are counting on your ride to get them to their destination on time. So, if your far enough from your pickup, just call the pax and ask where they need to go, so you don't make them wait the entire time it takes for you to drive to their location.

    Just make sure you are calling the pax for the right reasons. It's considered cherry picking to call them and cancel because you don't feel their destination is worth the drive. For me, I never accept anything over 10 minutes away because 90% of requests are going to be 6 to 7 minutes from their destination (unless I'm going for a promotion).

    Well, I hope this information is helpful.
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  3. UberChicago80

    UberChicago80 Active Member

    You can probably stretch mileage by keeping your car light - just pack 6 cold waters each morning and stop at 7-11 to replenish as needed.
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