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Greetings From Chi Town


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Hello All UP,
Long time lurker here finally taking the plunge. Chi1Cabby please save your "welcome/arbitration" post as that ship sailed for me a long time ago lol. Well, how then to introduce myself to the peeps? Snarky and sarcastic, Uber troll, brutally honest, hopelessly naive, grammar police, recruiter BS, or maybe just some candid truth telling. Yea, let's start with that last one and we can pivot from there. So, sad, confused, and wondering how all this has come to pass? Me too!

First, the demographics. Born and raised ChiTown NW side and now living in SW Suburbs. I have been doing the UberX thing since Mar '14. I stopped counting my rides when I hit 500...average around 50 a week so I dunno, 2,500+ ish total.

Second, I'm college edgimicated, Army vet, well-spoken, world travelled, witty, urbane, and sophisticated. I like long walks on moonlight beaches, soft jazz music, candlelight dinners at expensive restaurants, and in my spare time, driving around aimlessly looking for UberX Pins. All the while hoping I get home safely before succumbing to the noxious alcohol fumes. In short I am, "The Most Interesting UberX Driver in the World". And yesterday (Sunday) I made an UN (Uber Net) $53 in about 4.5 hours. So, ya know, "baller money". Tee-Baller for sure but still baller $.

My avatar expresses the universal plight of an UberX driver. You just know it's going to f&*%ing hurt going out there. And it may even be fatal. But, "that's cheese" you think, "gotta be a way to get me some of that cheese, maybe this will do the trick". Snap. Doooh, that's gonna leave a mark.

Uber On UP, Uber On!


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Thank you. I'm glad to be here officially (I think :rolleyes:). And while I am a fairly veteran UberX'er, this is my very first experience as an actual living, breathing, anonymous, "Internet Forum Member". Mmmm Cherry, delicious!!! And in the interest of full disclosure, most of my posts will be for my very own amusement. Perhaps not in keeping with the charter of this forum, but there are plenty of other "experts" here to inform ya'll. I'll mostly stick to cracking myself up...