Greenlight Hub Security


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Anyone else ever had the misfortune to need to attend the Concord Greenlight hub? I see that they now have a security guard in there looking totally bored.

They do not have any cash. There is nothing in their worth stealing (anyone else notice they have an economy sized tin of international roast coffee lol?). Any idea why they would need security given even a suburban bank with cash does not have a security guard?

I assume they get that many upset drivers in there that they need security on hand. That says a lot about driver relations. They get it. They just do not care..... a security guard is cheaper I guess than keeping drivers happy.

I bet they have even more security at 580 George St (HSBC Building) where the corporate office is.


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I have not been there for many months but I bet it is the same guy that was there last visit and was there since 2015.

At least he gave me free phone holders, which don't fit my 6+.:wink: