Has anybody been to this Greenlight Hub at: SprintSpot: 6860 Hwy 6 N, Houston, TX 77084...? I have an appointment scheduled for Monday here, but I just saw that there is a location at :
5714 Star Lane
Houston, TX 77057
open tomorrow from 10am - 2pm. Are they usually busy? Can they really help me? (Is this the main office)?

My issue is since last Thursday my Uber account has been on "Hold" for my yearly background check. I called Monday when Checkr (Background check people) to see what the uphold up was as Uber support said they had not heard back from them. Turned out for some reason my middle name was messing up their checking system and once removed they found my Motor Vehicle Report and CLEARED me and sent it back to Uber and myself a copy showing I passed everything. I contact Uber back and they claimed to see it and said my account is good to go to drive again.

Well its now Friday and I try to go online and I'm not getting any requests and Uber support says they are still waiting to hear back form Checkr on my background check. I was hoping somebody in person can help me if I show them the copy of the Checkr report being cleared already.

How is the "support" at the Greenligh office like?
Can they even help me.


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Yes, Star Lane is a good Greenlight center but it is VERY busy. If you don't have an appointment, get there 20 minutes before they open in the morning and you can line up with the others. You will get taken care of pretty quickly. The Greenlight center in N. Houston off of 45 is less busy but they all stay busy trying to handle the 3,000 drivers and the 10,000 that drop out and the 1,000 new drivers they have do deal with every month.
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They just opened the gate. Hopefully they will be able to assist me vs those idiots on Uber Support Email and Phone with their generic responses.