GREAT Story About an UBER Customer Service Rep Real Daily World


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I wish the article was longer But he does point out the crybaby mentality of a rider. Uber expanded big time to beat their competition from doing well (Lyft might be the only one) but they have obviously screwed up by trying to be everywhere at once.


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I have been saying this for along time UBER=EVIL still this company will succeed because disgruntled drivers will keep driving and whining passengers will continue to take uber after rating them 1* on Yelp and FB and TWTR.


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Fairly petty complaints, except those about dumb riders. Boo hoo, so you had metrics to meet and you were ranked against your co-workers, big @@@@in' deal. That sort of thing is embarrassing only if you're doing poorly. It's extremely rare for an at home job to offer PTO or vacation pay or even good insurance, they consider working at home enough of a benefit and offer jack shit. Been working at home for years and only twice have I had PTO and decent insurance; you either deal with it or don't work at home. Doesn't mean it's right but it's standard in the industry, for customer service jobs anyway.