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Great sat start 9-126


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Good morning to all..Got started at 430a and ended at 830a or lil after .. had some great rides. Even had a pax to buy me a combo meal from Jack n the box. Just want to help those that want some motivation to go out and get some money. I do plan on getting out later this evening after i get off work. For now im home relaxing ready to watch my Ga Bulldogs in 3 hours good luck to all drivers !!!


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God damn... you slept like 4 hours?

Actually, I only got 5 hours, but trying to log in these Lyft peak hours. Going back to sleep now.


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Great Sat Mornin Start
Yes Cerritos... (I got a L8 start doh)
I was trying to catch that mass rush last night, but so many cars accepting all low pings for reg fare... It almost felt impossible to keep it going once i started the rotation up... (almost gave up) but eventually I gave most customers to new cars to get em outta DTLA.
Yikes-talk about patience..lol

I do plan on getting out later this evening
Gotta few spots to hit up, party, then rest up n see how accurate dat email DOOBER sent claiming WE-KEN-D "D-Man'd"