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Graffiti in a rideshare

Patrick R Oboyle

Well-Known Member
Do you know which pax? Prob. The one before the one he said.. Did you see this..

Make sure to report the pax that did the damage so you can collect a cleanup fee. Were you able to get it cleaned?

Damn dude..sorry that happened. Thats not a fun filling at all :/


Well-Known Member
Of all the low down despicable...

Idiotic...STUPID...things to do...8>O

Even monkeys don't do THAT....!!!

Humans...just when you thought...

They couldn't stoop any lower...8>(

I'm thinking you should report this...

Immediately to Uber...

Maybe this person has done this before...

Your info may allow the AI...

to do something constructive for a change...

Couldn't hurt...



Well-Known Member
A dash cam would have shown that driver which PAX it was.
Somehow I think the driver had a good idea who it was.

I can't stand bigots, thieves and freaking rude people.

I would go after this PAX for the full clean up fee, and not stop until I got satisfaction.

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