Got Scammed

Tampa Girl

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Bet they didn't expect me to fight back or respond. But they are trying to damage my reputation.
I picked up a a rider out on W. Tennessee/Hwy 90 almost to Midway yesterday about 5:20 p.m. It was a private residence. The girl was sitting on the front porch. A guy came out of the house. She approached my vehicle and knew my name. I asked her if she was "ENTER NAME HERE." She stated that she was and got in the car behind me. He got in the back seat on the passenger side. They were going to Walmart. They did not smoke in my car, but they made my car reek with what was on their clothing. On the way there they asked me to stop at a used car dealership so that he could get his backpack that he had forgotten there. It was on the way, so I thought no big deal. Once he got back in my car, he and the girl started discussing returning items to Walmart that they had not purchased from Walmart. Specifically a blanket. I half expected them to cancel the trip enroute to Walmart. Well they didn't The fare was a whole $4.44. It took me half an hour to get the stale smoke smell out of my car. This morning I wake up to a message from Uber stating that the wrong rider was picked up, and they could not process the fare. It then said, "In the future, please confirm your rider's identity before starting a trip."
Now I don't much care about the money. But this calls into question my integrity, my sense of responsibility and calling me inept and careless. So I called Uber at 5:30 a.m. The customer service representative was very helpful and she filed a report. I told her the whole story. I said the money was not an issue, but my reputation was. She said Uber would make sure I never got that rider again.
If it is okay to post the address, I will later in this thread. Just to warn some of the other Uber/Lyft drivers out there to get this person's ID before allowing them in your car.