Got My First 1 Star Today....

Gtown Driver

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Only one star I got from Uber was from a guy who I telegraphed myself too hard on trying to get away from the ride after I had screened him. Technically already started the ride so he reviewed me and so on. Wasn't going to go to Laurel at 8 o clock at night for his ass when I was 3 minutes away from the house. Uber don't want me to go home.

Lyft I got my first 1 star like 2 weeks after I started doing it. Lady pax didn't understand how shared rides worked and thought she could just point her fingers and make me uturn. I went to pick up the second pax who was very patient and she huffed and puffed the whole way in front of the other pax. Gave her one star, got my one star and moved it on.

Freddie Blimeau

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See like I got a few one stars, but see I don't let it bother me, you know? They got some real messed up people out there, see & like it makes them feel like there's a reason for their existence if they can give somebody this 1 star, you know?

I have these people tell me they're gonna give me this 1 star, see & like I tell them that's their business. Then, like, see they ask me what I'm gonna give them & like I tell them that's like my business, you know?