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Google maps frequent crashes in Line rides


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Just wondering... does anyone else have frequent Google Maps crashes during Line rides when you have rider(s), and at the point when another rider is added.

Note I am running with Maps called separate from Lyft app, not the embedded option.

Also note, one reason I do line rides is I need all the rides I can get.


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ever since lyft updated to include google maps built in I have been having Maps issues when running google maps by itsself outside of lyft.

crashes too many times ot count, freezes mid drive and doesnt say anything, ill just notice all of a sudden i missed a turn or the arrow isnt moving
and on top of it google maps end of route wont mach up with where the pin is or the actual destination in lyft anymore.

i think its just lyft trying to force us to use the built in version


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I'll have to try the embedded again to see if I can like it. I remember not liking the maps in a smaller presentation, and also not being able to see the directions written out. I find that very useful. Maybe that feature is still there in the embedded version and I just did not find it.


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Do not use their embedded map program. You are setting yourself up for future nastygrams by allowing them to know your suggested route.

Do not give Line rides. They are losers for drivers.


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built in gmaps sucks.
you cant manually input anything, no route options, cant look at the directions list, smaller view area and more