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Google keeps self-driving cars offline to hinder hackers

Discussion in 'Autonomous' started by WeirdBob, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. WeirdBob

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    Google keeps self-driving cars offline to hinder hackers

    Waymo’s model of limited cloud access aims to minimise chance of cyber attacks


    Jan 10, 2017 | by: Peter Campbell and Patti Waldmeir in Detroit

    Google’s self-driving cars will remain unplugged from the internet most of the time to prevent them from being hacked, the chief executive of Waymo, its driverless vehicle programme, has revealed.

    “Our cars communicate with the outside world only when they need to, so there isn’t a continuous line that’s able to be hacked, going into the car,” John Krafcik told the Financial Times in an interview in Detroit.

    “When we say that our cars are autonomous, it’s not just that there’s not a human driver, but also that there is not a continuous cloud connection to the car,” he said, adding that cyber security was “something that we take very very seriously”.

    Several large carmakers including Fiat Chrysler and Nissan have fallen prey to cyber attacks, and the risk of hacking will only increase as vehicles contain ever more connected technology.
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