Google entering rideshare business


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Well guys here comes Google, after there trial run in in few cities Google about you start thr Waze car pool service Nation wide. Shit is about to hit the fan now lmao

leroy jenkins

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Google's rate is something like 50 cents per mile. No joke.

Can't remember the exact details. Someone can look it up. I doubt anyone will use it.-----correction. there will be people who use it cuz it's cheap.

And dudes will drive cuz..."maybe some hot babe will get into my car!!"

byo pepper spray :smiles:


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The leadership at Uber should start complaining about the new entrant having no experience in the transportation business, as if they are professionals in this business and Google is just an interloper.

It will be interesting to see how this is going to sort out.

there will be people who use it cuz it's cheap.
People love the idea of affordable transportation.


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Yes it will from what I read google is just coming in as waze pool but i bet it's really going to be just like Uber and lyft.
I use to be only Uber when I started 3 years ago but since last year January only drive lyft Uber has totally lost it for me