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Good TLC Insurance Brokers in NYC?

Discussion in 'New York City' started by Douglas, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. I plan to be a driver in NYC as soon as I get the money and my TLC license, about what can I expect to pay a month, and how money to get started for insurance?
  2. I disagree, if you are not getting any pings there is plenty you can do about it, or you can just sit there and cry to yourself about it. As a few examples, you could add lift, maybe you will then get a ping as you doubled your chances. You could move to another area and try there. I'm not even a driver yet on this job and even I know this.

    And to those people who are not being honest, we see right through that, at least I know I do. I understand you don't want more drivers possibly cutting into your fares, but there are things you don't understand. I'm from TN as you can easily deduct, but I am no stupid Hill Billy, I am a Hill Billy, but I am also a Hill Billy with an IQ of 169, which places me in the top less than one percentile on this planet.

    Now I am not bragging, just trying to make a few points. First point being, I am coming to NYC to drive and Hustle no matter what any of you say. I have done all the math and know what I stand to gain. Nobody here has to help me either, live your life how you see fit, but if I am helped, and if I am not, I'm going to make it. I will eventually figure everything out myself, because I always do. So my point is this, don't help me, don't help that other guy either, I don't care, hell I will help him, but know this.

    People will remember, and that guy you didn't help earlier may be in a position to help you, but maybe he decides F you too and keeps it to hīmself.

    Speaking for myself, I remember everything someone does for me. Anyone that helps me is never rolling the dice, they are loaded and you win every time you roll them, because that's he way I like it, everybody wins. I am always there to repay what has been invested in me, and those who invest don't have to track me down to collect, I will come to you. If someone helps me make money and I can help them back, I do it every time.

    So do what you want people, it's a free country, but understand you reap what you sew.

    If you are not making enough money, then do something else, because I will make mine. I will be Hustling 14 hours a day seven days a ẃeek. Inside of 3 months of driving I will have it mostly figured out. I haven't even been to NY yet but even from here I am laying the ground work, researching and studying.

    If anyone knows something that can help me transition, feel free to help. Someone will help, they always do. I tell the truth, even when it works against me. My friends know when they ask my something they are getting a truthful answer, eventually they learn what to not ask as they know they won't like my answer.

    If you are a female and you got a fat ass, then don't ask me if that dress makes your ass look fat, because I will tell you what you asked me for, and not the lie you expected, and I expect the same from you.
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  3. YouBeer



    Oooh...weee.....are you bringing the grand ole opry with you?

  4. Why, interested in some good music?

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