Good read on Uber/Lyft in SLC and New Airport


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Good read on Uber/Lyft in SLC. Plus some info on new airport. Which sounds like they haven't fully decided yet how pickups will work for the new airport. I certainly hope it's not the parking garage stall numbers. Or, if it is. That the location isn't much more than the pickup curb area. Like Las Vegas, where you have to cross the parking garage, go up a flight of stairs, then hike to far end of the garage to get to the U/L pickup location. Very inconvenient for PAX.

The roll up to the queue area, and PAX shows you their Pickup # is intriguing though.


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Good read. I'm glad to see that U/L have prompted improvements to other transportation options. Sometimes it takes some competition before the status-quo options pull their head out and improve their archaic ways (ahem...taxis).