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It’s so weird now I wake up each day and look forward to hear how much Lyft has lost in the stock market.
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One way to look at Lyft and Uber [is] they're basically limo-livery services with people and cars. The technology's not proprietary," he said. "I use the service every single day. ... Every time I use it, if you're a shareholder, I thank you, because you're subsidizing my ride. ... You're losing a lot of money to put me in that car. So I'm an investor in Lyft in the sense that I get in the car, and you're an investor in me, Mr. Wonderful, by paying for my ride, up to 20 percent of its cost. You should really think that through when you're going to buy a stock like that. You're paying me to drive around cheaper. Why should I get that benefit? It's kind of crazy."
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