Good morning , 400 trips and counting with Uber !


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Hi , just joined your forum . I am looking to exchange driver experiences and observations.
For my part , driving for Uber has been a very positive experience ! I have met so many wonderful diverse people , I believe this is a great networking opportunity , handled correctly.
Thank you , OneWiseAcre


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You do know its not morning in LA, right?
Just seeing if you guys are awake! (Lying)
I did start this message in the morning , but delayed sending it until just an hour ago.
I am glad you caught my error.
Thanks for the correction , Backdash


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I don't know... where did you leave it?
Have you reported it as a lost item to Uber?

Beware: If I find it in my car, I'm going to charge you to return it.
Being a @@@@@@ will get you no where in life. Unless you consider being an Uber driver your highest level of success.


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Barging into someone else's "TOPIC" with unrelated, self-centered questions will make you a '@@@@@@'.
Exhibiting a modicum of etiquette will generally open doors for you.

Having no sense of humor will get you less than nowhere.
3000 and counting. Under one year total time. When u hit 1000 I will toast one to you. Nice work, not easy doing lots and lots of rides.