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Good detail shop?


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So I got suckered into driving Saturday for uber and paid the price.

I was out two hours and got in two scrapes.
1st one was some guy on bike hauling empty cans on bike trailer. I heard the cans hit against my car. left a 2 foot mark.
Other one cabby does a right from the center lane when I am in the right turn. glanced off my front quarter panel and left white paint.

Neither incident actually scratched past the paint.
But I need to have a place buff out the scratches.
Can you guys recommend a place that does that stuff at a reasonable price?


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I don't but I have seen people do that them self look at youtube there is bounch of ways to do that and u simple tools u need to buy so u can do it next time it happends... They have some buffing tools at harber freight tools but u need to watch youtube to understand what u should get and how to use it


If you're willing to spend a little, this tool combined with the right product/technique will be invaluable. I use this and it's helped me buff out light marks etc.


Also good for detailing your own cars. I'd rather buy the tool than pay someone else to use theirs- more expensive up front, but much better in the long run.