Goober "self driving" car scores again

15 years. Driverless tests need to be accident free before operational. Laws need to be rewritten. Laws need to be introduced and voted on. Arizona not so open to new or inovative laws or ideas. Think MLK day as a holiday. Pro sports considered not having AZ host champoinship games. Organizations as well did not want to go to AZ for special events and conventions. Only then the pressure from out side the state did AZ pass and except MLK day as a holiday. A strong push back from voters not comfortable with a driveless vehicles will voice concerns and most likely delay the inevitable.


Don't be so quick to be serious. I'm pretty sure the thread creator was being facetious, sarcastic, and funny.
2018, is 3 months away, and the article is about a crash (Actually... crashes).

Just because cars can fly, doesn't mean they ever will. Can you imagine all the jokers who drive like jerks, and all the people on the road now, racing in every direction in the sky. Sure there would be laws, but anyone diving on the road now can see that more than a few don't care about the laws (HOV, and metered ramps, wrong way drivers...) it will never happen.

And neither will driver-less cars.