Gonna bet HOT this weekend.


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Gonna be hot this week. Does the heat change where/when/if you drive?


I've got my AC all tuned up - condenser and compressor cleaned, refrigerant topped off the to the correct pressure and cabin filter changed. Blowing @ 39F even when >90F. I had one passenger tell me it felt "marvelous" in the car. He was from Sugarhouse and batted for the other team (no disparaging though - I love everyone no matter their "orientation").


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Family reunion this weekend. No driving for me.

But no, overall heat doesn't change much for me as to where/when I drive. Interesting though, I have seen some resorts surging in the evening times. Sundance at 5:30 yesterday was an $8 surge. Solitude or Alta was $3-4. Not that I want to run up to those places LOL. Might be worth it though with a long pickup fee plus surge. Not sure if these are one off type things or whats up.