Going to stay out of the pool for awhile ......


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Today I had three classic Pool Pax that were picked up in Downtown Los Angeles , Burbank , and Glendale.
The first one had booked a ride and when I arrived he jumped into my car and began to comment on the "H" sticker on my back window. Its a Hillary campaign sticker that was sent to me for giving a donation. As soon as he got in started to question on why I was supporting Hillary Clinton. My reply was because I want too... his retort was that he was a Bernie Sanders supporter and could not accept a ride from someone who was supporting Hillary Clinton being that she is a liar , racist and theif. He advised he was going to leave. I informed him that was fine but he would be charged a cancellation fee and also that I was sure there would be another driver shortly to take him to his destination a mile away... the second was these two girls in Burbank that upon making themselves comfortable decided to have their lunch that consisted of the most stinkiest tuna sandwiches known to man. It was 94 degrees in Burbank today and I didn't know what was worse , to deal with the heat or their smelly sandwiches. It was absolutely disgusting. It was too late to have them stop as they started to picnic in my back seat when I was well into the 45 min ride.... after they got out I had to smoke a cigarette to kill the smell... the third and final one was picked up in Glendale and was on her way to a gang fight. She was talking on her phone and calling all her "@@@@@es" to war at her pad next to the coliseum. She had also asked that I hurry and I informed her that for urgent gang fights she will have to book Uber X pool is what it means more than one PAX. She shut up and didn't say much the rest of the trip. I have discoveredPool Pax are a class of their own cheap , demanding and think they can tell you when and what ... I am done with the Pool for awhile I do not care what Uber says or does if I can avoid them and not accept the rides I am going to in the future....hope everyone had a great day !


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you just treat it as uberx and either dont take te first pool ping or ignore the rest. done deal end of story