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Going the Extra Mile for Pax!


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We have a "cash rideshare" company here I do runs for.

In a nutshell, think of the worst of rideshare combined with the worst of Taxi Zone dispatch. :thumbup: Pax may wait 5 mins or 1 hour for a ride, who knows! The app even has taxi meter. You call dispatch, and someone in India answers the phone! My cut is $1.15 per mile. Call volume sucks, so I do it in between uber rides.

I had a fare tonight that had my old cab instincts kick in. Pickup was at a hotel. First, the police called it in, so I knew the pax was going to be a handful. I had to wait 10 minutes. Finally he is excorted out by the 5 cops. He was kicked out of that hotel, and now he's my problem. He was a nutcase. Honestly, he either had brain damage or was high. He rambled on about random shit.

Almost to destination, he wants to stop at gas station, I say sure. He gets 24oz coffee. I let him drink it in the car. 5mins later he had already drank it!

The hotel was booked, so we went to a 2nd hotel. 2nd hotel booked too. It became appearent this was turning into a scavanger hunt. I refused to move car until he paid for meter which was at 25$. After 3 minutes of him stalling, he took me serious. Got $40 CC. Cool.

2 more hotels, and we finally find one that was vacant. He had racked up another $3 in fare. I help him not only unload his stuff, but helped bring it into lobby. Guy gives me $10 more and says keep it.

Entire trip metered $28, made $50 but $12 goes to the dispatch company. In that fare, I accessed my customer, had patience, but still put my foot down when nessary.

So many things I did on that trip, that I would NOT do on U/L. Because it pays better, and riders tip. 💰💵💳

How many instances in this story would you NOT have the patience or go the extra mile because it is not worth it on uber/lyft?
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