Going the Extra Mile for Pax!


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We have a "cash rideshare" company here I do runs for.

In a nutshell, think of the worst of rideshare combined with the worst of Taxi Zone dispatch. :thumbup: Pax may wait 5 mins or 1 hour for a ride, who knows! The app even has taxi meter. You call dispatch, and someone in India answers the phone! My cut is $1.15 per mile. Call volume sucks, so I do it in between uber rides.

I had a fare tonight that had my old cab instincts kick in. Pickup was at a hotel. First, the police called it in, so I knew the pax was going to be a handful. I had to wait 10 minutes. Finally he is excorted out by the 5 cops. He was kicked out of that hotel, and now he's my problem. He was a nutcase. Honestly, he either had brain damage or was high. He rambled on about random shit.

Almost to destination, he wants to stop at gas station, I say sure. He gets 24oz coffee. I let him drink it in the car. 5mins later he had already drank it!

The hotel was booked, so we went to a 2nd hotel. 2nd hotel booked too. It became appearent this was turning into a scavanger hunt. I refused to move car until he paid for meter which was at 25$. After 3 minutes of him stalling, he took me serious. Got $40 CC. Cool.

2 more hotels, and we finally find one that was vacant. He had racked up another $3 in fare. I help him not only unload his stuff, but helped bring it into lobby. Guy gives me $10 more and says keep it.

Entire trip metered $28, made $50 but $12 goes to the dispatch company. In that fare, I accessed my customer, had patience, but still put my foot down when nessary.

So many things I did on that trip, that I would NOT do on U/L. Because it pays better, and riders tip. ???

How many instances in this story would you NOT have the patience or go the extra mile because it is not worth it on uber/lyft?
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