GoCatch offering $20 bonus

Jack Malarkey

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GoCatch has sent drivers the following message:

Earn a Bonus $20 Today!
Thursday 7th December, 2017

Hi GoCatch Drivers,

Earn a bonus $20 today by completing 5 jobs with in-app payments!

From 10AM today until 10AM tomorrow (7 – 8 December AEDT), simply complete 5 jobs where the passenger pays via in-app payment, and you’ll receive a bonus $20! It’s that easy!

Remember, if you accept 100% of the jobs you receive this week by Sunday, you’ll also earn 5000 bonus GoPoints!

The more jobs you do, the more GoPoints you get – which gives you access to features such as priority Advance Bookings.

Jack Malarkey comments:

A driver would be lucky to have five GoCatch passengers in 24 weeks not 24 hours.