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I can't get it to come up again. I saw the pop-up earlier today but I don' think my rider app had my pin in the south florida area. That's why I was wondering if the pop-up was saying the 2 minute wait time was effective here, or somewhere else. Just wondering if anyone else saw it.

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Here's the Screenshot in New York, not Miami


That's been active in New York, Chicago, Boston, and other select market... teaching people to be ready, because those people take forever, cars are readily available fairly quick AND traffic conditions can't have anyone waiting for too long in crowded streets.

I can't vouch for that notice to have been implemented in Miami. However, for all UberPool Requests... people typically get charged the $2 and the app states "...because the Driver was on his way." So all one needs to do, is go under help, and the first option is "I was charged a Cancellation Fee." All a pax needs to do is "My driver and I were unable to connect," and they'll credit their account. That easy.
If it's effective in Miami already, I won't feel bad every time I cancel. I've never understood why some people see our cars down the block and request us if they're not ready. Specially in busy areas.


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Even if it is true it's totally ridiculous. The rate is $0.13 a minute. That's $0.39 less 20-25% for the three minutes between 2 & 5. If you cancel-no-show at 5 minutes you net $4 - who the hell cares about 29-31 cents? It's only benefit would be to psychologically make people friggin' move.