GO GO ripping you off!


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I love getting seniors from one place to another safely and efficiently. They
are usually very sweet and always very appreciative of the service. I also
don't mind the 'extra' work that can be required from time to time.

What I can't stand is another vulture swooping in and trying to grab another
huge slice of pie, when there already is hardly anything left for drivers.

We've got Uber at 45-60% cut already, and now we have another company
trying to grab another $2.50 service fee + .20 cents/minute?

These companies are doing absolutely nothing to help out drivers with
underlying operating expenses, and as mentioned in the article, if there
were to be some sort of issue (senior gets seriously injured or falls getting out of
your car, or on the way to their house) you can bet your bottom dollar
GoGo GP would be nowhere to be found.

Don't swim in pools

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I have only received these with lyft unless they use normal names. On lyft it says gogogo grandparent as the name. I learned do not accept these. Besides the fact that the company is adding extra labor and not giving us a cut there is no communication possible if some problem arises. Not worth the possible headaches and it's always minimum fare ride so they can run local errands.


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I posted about this company a while back. They actively tell users most people don't tip.
There is no way to text them back.
The PAX does not have the app on their phone. They will not show up (for Lyft) to aid in navigating to their exact location.
This is not the only service using Lyft to transport patients. I arrived at one elderly person's address to give them a $3 ride to Walmart. The wait timer was set to 10 MINUTES.