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Michael - Cleveland

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So far, no issues at all - knock on wood.
(Been using the GoBank card and android app for about a year)

btw - I never go their website and I learned early on not to bother trying to get hold of anyone there.
  • Set your expectations low
  • Move money from your Uber account to your GoBank card everyday
  • Stop at any Walmart or US Bank and withdraw your money frequently
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I had issues with PNC holding my instant payments for 3 days if I used instant pay or Lyft’s express pay more than twice a week or 10 times in a month. Had PNC explain this is what “any Visa processing bank does.” I found out that’s not true.

I got a GoBank card to send my instant payments to and have had no problems whatsoever with them.

I still have to be careful how often I use Lyft’s express pay that still goes to my PNC card. Lyft won’t let me send express pay to GoBank. I don’t know if that is Lyft’s fault or if it is rejected by GoBank.