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Glitch #179....

Discussion in 'Advice' started by Fishchris, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Fishchris

    Fishchris Well-Known Member

    Ok, so i was sitting downtown in Sacramento last night, positioned for the Kings game to finish.
    It was surging way up, and when it hit 6.2X's i had to log on. After about 30 seconds, i get a request, but it was showing zero surge multiplier ?!?!
    Now here's the thing, sure, many times I have requests that try take me way outside of the surge area, of which I always just laugh off and let pass without accepting.... but this one was only about 2 minutes away and obviously in the middle of a heavy surge area ???
    It was tough but I had to let it pass...
    About 30 seconds later I got another request with a 5.7 surge multiplier, so of course I accepted. Too bad they only went a couple of miles.....

    But my question is, had i accepted that first ride which was definitely in a heavy surge area but was not showing the surge multiplier when the request came in, would i have still got paid surge rates, or would the pax have gotten a flat rate ride during a heavy surge period ???
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  2. steveK2016

    steveK2016 Well-Known Member

    Dallas / Fort Worth Texas
    Chances are it wouldn't have paid you surge rates but I've read reports here that Drivers are getting fare review adjustments when they submit a support ticket. I personally wouldn't have risked it and would have done exactly what you did.
  3. CvilleUber

    CvilleUber Active Member

    Charlottesville, VA
    Here's my guess:

    That rider's request could have been made before the surge, then just bouncing from driver to driver who didn't want to accept. The rider never accepted any type of surge, can't be charged.
  4. jp300h

    jp300h Well-Known Member

    Orlando, FL 32828
    I've had surges changed before after doing a review
  5. simpsonsverytall

    simpsonsverytall Well-Known Member

    Driver App seems to be on a delay from the passenger app.

    Passengers seem to know seconds before a surge ends (seconds before drivers know).

    If true, this would benefit Uber (higher acceptance rate immediately following surges, and harder for drivers to immediately turn app off when a surge cycles down).
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