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GLH ‘Incident’


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Hopefully some disgruntled driver has spread a film of EbOla virus all over the ‘thanks for reaching out’ counters and all the muppet ‘service experts’ will be treated to de-activation.

Imagine investigating, and trying to narrow down the disgruntled driver. ?
It would be Adelaides answer to Murder on the Orient Express. Everybody did it.


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Does anyone know what this issue genuinely was? I mean when I worked for government staff would get together Say they felt ill because if a smell coming out air conditioning and bang site closed everyone home while investigated.

Who is John Galt?

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Did anybody end up hearing of a half believable explanation behind the ‘incident’?

Will the muppets now be required to undertake a Mandatory Muppet Safety Education course spread over six learning modules that cover topics of safety, harassment, discrimination, disability, impairment and preciousness?



btw..... today tonight Adelaide doing taxis and uber story to air in a few weeks. they did some filming at 1 taxi company I know of.