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Getting picked up from EWR


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First post here, excuse me.....
I've been lurking for a while and figured I'd sign up to see the other side of the "business"
I've used uber 2x from my house to Newark. 20 mins in and out no traffic at 6am.
Now I have a question on getting a ride from EWR to my place in Lodi.
I've been reading that PAPD blows on T.C.
Would it be beneficial to me/and you tk gkto departure and go from there ?

This would be at 130a on Monday night.

Any help so I could make this as easy as possible for everyone


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Easy pickup last night. Thanks to my driver.
He called me as I was on level 2, requested to go to 3. On 2, I told him there was someone getting harassed by PAPD, at 1am.
He scooped me up quick and got me home.

Thanks again, 5 stars from an über user .... On the "other" side :smiles:

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