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Getting Help and Support From UBER


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I am a relatively new driver...been driving for about two weeks or so....Last week I had a number of issues/concerns so I emailed UBER....I was shocked, but a representative called me and left a message on my phone and he sent a follow-up email to the phone call. I was impressed and provided all of the information that he requested....Since this past Monday Sep. 7th I have not heard a thing...the guy has gone MIA. I have sent several follow-up emails to this person and still have not heard a thing....I have sent a version of the following email a couple times during the past week:

"Ken, Likith, or Taylor

Someone please help or at least respond...Ken has dropped off the face of the earth...He called me several times on Monday and I sent him all of the info he requested...I also had some additional questions and concerns. My fares from last week still have not been adjusted higher...my profile picture of my vehicle has NOT been uploaded...My UBER classification has NOT been changed to UBER XL...I have heard nothing about my Verizon discount through the momentum rewards program that I have qualified for and the list goes on and on....Please see the follow-up email that I had to send to Ken since he has not followed up with me since this past Monday. I need all of the issues addressed and taken care of in the email below. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter."

No response to my emails....

How can I get my issues addressed and corrected?? How do I get these people to respond??

The other thing that I find irritating is that when you are registering to be a driver you can chat with a person live...I guess this is not available once you become an approved driver...Very frustrating...

Thank you for any advice.


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Get used to it.
UBER "Partner Servive" sucks, like 2 stars at best.
Now you get to see what there are so many bitter folks here, wait till you get a rate decrease for your benefit.

I tell you what, click "I had an accident" and see how fast you're deactivated...that's service.