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Getting hard to get money from Uber

Stevie The magic Unicorn

Well-Known Member
Anybody want to guess how long it takes for them to extend this wonderful ride credit benefit to DRIVER referrals?
Let me check my watch...

Anytime now..

Hopefully Scruber and Gryft drivers will start being honest with their customers about the pay.

I'm tired of hearing from people who say their lyft driver makes "$300+ a day"

"It's closer to 70-100 per 10 hours, that's so they can trick you into getting them a referral bonus for signing up"

"wait what?" they ask.

"The do always give you a card with a code on it when they say they make that much right?"

"Uhh yeah... oh""

"Yeah, and you know how many fares per hour you have to do to make $300+ on $4-5 rides?"

"actually your number makes a lot more sense"


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Meanwhile, DD is giving out $400 bonuses in my market and they let you know who signed up and how they are progressing. I don't like a lot of DD tactics, but this feature I do like. I have given my code to at least 5 people, 1 has signed up and no deliveries yet. I think he is waiting to schedule orientation, debit card handout.


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Isn't there already some program offered that gives discounts on food and goods for driving? Perhaps people really will drive for peanuts.