Getting drunk tonight.


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Before I stopped driving I actually made more money during the week than on the weekend, when all the "weekend warriors" came out to drive. DC is pretty busy all week if you know the right areas. With colleges out the weekends tend to be less busier in the summer I found


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Wanna get drunk and send weird ass notes to uber CSRs in India together? Huh huh huh? That'll make you feel better.... I just started and already feels better...

Another Uber Driver

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It was dead to-day. I usually like to drive the cab Saturday because I can stay busy. The only thing that saved my day was that my first trip was to Dulles Airport. I ran only two Uber Taxi pings. Usually, I have quite a number of them on Saturday. My last hour, 1815-1915 was pretty busy, but other than that and the Dulles trip, it was nap time.

I guess that I would not have done any better in the UberX car to-day, -eh?


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Went to baseball game in Woodbridge, set driver destination home and picked up at Fair Oaks Mall to Gaithersburg for $29 payout. Paid for my ticket, food, and drinks. Plus, gassed up for $2/gallon in Virginia instead of $2.20+ in Maryland.


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Have anyone received sms from UBER on NUMBER of trips that we have to do to keep The STATUS for NEXT WEEK????????