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Brian Biff

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Hi guys, so I started driving for Lyft in March 2019. Yes I know iam stupid for not finding out now about the GET. Iam trying to register for it on the site and one of the questions is " What is the business structure" with the options being ( Corporation , General Partnership, Limited Liability Company, Limited Liability Limited Partership, Limited Liability Partership, and Limited Partnership ) which one would I chose. Also because I haven't paid yet what would my penalties be? Sorry for the long winded question but any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


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1) You are filing as an individual, not a business. Use your social security number when registering.

2) I signed up to file monthly, because it is easier to pay a small amount more often and helps with personal budgeting. However, I think quarterly filing is most common - just remember to not spend the money you should be saving for taxes!

2) When filing on the HTO website it will automatically calculate the penalty for you. Just make sure the penalty is included in your payment total (you might need to check a box for the penalty to be added - regardless, it should be self-explanitory).

3) Remember that you will need to pay the wholesale GET on your gross earnings minus tips, and the retail GET on your tips total.

4) Read the attached file, it should answer most of your questions. Yes, double and triple taxation is in effect. Welcome to the business climate in Hawaii!