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Geno from Pittsburgh

Discussion in 'People' started by Geno71, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. Geno71

    Geno71 Well-Known Member

    Pittsburgh PA
    Hey everyone, just joined.

    I'm a Uber and Lyft driver from Pittsburgh, PA. I've been driving for about 4 months, part time. I still enjoy it.
    I don't drive to pay bills, I drive to get a little bit extra spending money and most go to my wife anyway.

    I drive a few years old Toyota Rav4. It's not a most fuel efficient vehicle (around 20 mpg), but it's comfortable for me and my passengers, and it's great in winter.

    I already found a lot of great tips on these forums and I'm looking forward to sharing my experiences with your guys!
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  2. pitflyer

    pitflyer Member

    Hi there.. I probably started with Lyft shortly after you and now also drive for Uber. The Pittsburgh market is quite saturated. It's odd that some days Lyft comes through a lot faster than Uber and other days Uber does. I drive a couple of different cars, one is a premium. The premium one doesn't work out too great most of the time since it's not as fuel efficient and few people pay for Uber premium.. but my other car is so between the two I play the situation. The airport wasn't too bad a couple months ago but know it seems completely pointless with waits over an hour almost all the time.
  3. MikesUber

    MikesUber Well-Known Member

    San Diego, CA
    Welcome to da UberPeople.net forum n'at
  4. Jamie Coalsten

    Jamie Coalsten New Member

    Wilmington North Carolina
    welcome to the group!

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