geez the drivers today???


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its to early to have nonsense from drivers.... yesterday me and my daughter got into an uber car and it felt so small the dudes drcer seat was 2 finger spaces from touching the back seat and the the passenger seat was pushed way for ward... i was so squished i needed to arrange my blouse before :biggrin: :biggrin:popped out. And he was going in and out of the lanes, but the best part of that trip was when i exited..... Dont forget Five stars all the way.... i said yeah I know whats up.....

and then today the driver took forever... it was the longest 4 minutes of my life since we were waiting which felt like baking... no shade to hide under... but with all that said....
Behave, Besafe, Be aware, and Don't Be Scared..........


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The Prius c is definitely small but I've never had anyone complain about space on the regular Prius that I drive. I had a pax yesterday that must've been 300 pounds. He sat in the back passenger side seat and fit fine without me having to move the seat next to me.