Gas prices!!!!


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Is anyone still driving with this increase ? Not even my cancellation fees can make up the difference. This is why UBER's self driving cars is a pipe dream. In a situation such as this they would be forced to raise their fares. They would have no choice. Please don't say no they won't because they will all be electric. Economics 101. when fuel and energy costs go up, everything soon follows obviously including electricity.

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Inflation based gas price has only hit $2 per gallon, 8 times in the past 110 years. Those were for short periods. When gasoline was first developed. Inflation based price was $4.10 a gallon. Average price in the past is $3 gal. Count your blessings for now and get ready to open your wallet soon.
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Yeah. It's starting to get ugly out here. I saw one gas station at $4 a gallon. I'm glad I bought a hybrid when gas went down because if it gets back to '08 prices "RIP" to those SUV's.