Funny story: dodged a barf!


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I don't usually drive too late but this morning I was driving past 1 am which is usually my cut-off time.

Around 1:30 am, I picked up two guys near highway 7 and islington. Both with baggy pants and this gangster look on them but otherwise nice guys towards me.

One guy is sitting in the passenger seat while the other is sitting behind him. The guy in the back starts opening the window and what sounds like spitting. The trip was about 13 minutes and he did it about 3 times.

Then 2 minutes before reaching, he takes the water bottle that is by his door side. I didn't see what he did with it but I assumed he was drinking from it.

As we reached their destination, he (the guy in the back) told me that he had to take my water bottle. So I immediately told him yes it is for passengers so no problem at all. He immediately replies that he didn't really need to drink from it. He told me that he vomited a bit outside the window and just wanted to make sure he didn't dirty my car and window. He then thanks me for getting them home safe and closes the window and then goes outside and sprays the window and door with the water in the bottle lol.

I drove away from them and parked the car to see if this guy really did vomit in my car (outside) but I saw nothing inside and same outside. All I saw was the water he sprayed. But not to take any chances, I immediately went through a drive-thru car wash.

BTW, the rating was a very good at 4.80, though I am not sure who owned the account.

Regardless, I liked this guy's honesty and his attempt to help clean his mess (insignificant)

I guess I dodged a bullet (barf) here! I have close to 700 trips in 6 months and never had anyone vomit in my car and hope it stays that way.
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Sorry guys, iphone spell check is the worst. Hours after typing this, I realized I typed 'commissioned' instead of 'vomited' lol.

I stopped reading after water for passengers

Glad you made it to more than half my post!
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