Full Commercial Insurance for adding cash Rides


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I keep getting riders in my home town asking for Cash rides to Minneapolis (65 miles) ... I go to Minneapolis 2-3 times a week for Uber but only averaging 1 ride every 3rd trip .. So I'd like to at least test Cash Rides to MSP and suburbs .

Need to Move from Gap insurance to full coverage ..

recommendation for Minnesota ..best Covers best rates ..


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Make sure you don't need a black car service permit as well,

I'm still not sure what I need for Mn ... for just basic transport service

I did find the limo stuff. ..(actually fairly reasonable )

Licensing Details
Processing Time
3 - 5 days.
Permanent, subject to maintenance of insurance filing and annual vehicle registration.
Filing fee - $150

Annual per-vehicle decal fee - $80

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Check state and county laws well. In some states you need a permit for every county that you pick people up in. Possibly in some cities as well. Check airport requirements they may vary as well.