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FUBAR should be relegated to life support if it's not already. I barely even turn the lame ass app on anymore and it rarely surges above 1.5 if at all but I actually caught a few the last couple of days between a whopping 1.5-1.7. Woweee! Funny part is that the driver app continues to show surge after my drop offs but all incoming pings are non surge. Cancel, cancel, cancel, cancel ,etc ,etc. Checking the pax app of course it's not surging. Not sure if it's a glitch but also wouldn't surprise me if it's just another dirty FUBAR tactic. Oh, and here's another fun FUBAR @@@@ up. Pick up pax, tap arrive, and of course trip wont start while at the same time telling pax I'm 2 minutes away so even more of my day is wasted. Think I'm going to claim unemployment just for fun for a change.