FTW Surges


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Did anyone in FTW pickup during these surges? Just wondering if they were real.

There were some really nice ones in Dallas on Saturday (5x) and they were real.

I assume the Fort Worth surges were real too.


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This is the second surge today I'm sitting inside with no ping. After the first ping died I turned off my app and got that ironic message: are you sure you want to log off?


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I'm a new driver. Can someone explain to me how surges work? Thanks
the red spots on the map are zone locations experiencing an imbalance with more passengers online than drivers available (more or less). As a result, the price goes up for a trip and is reflected as a "surge" multiplier. Take the number for the zone you see in the pic above and multiply that number by Uber's base rate of .85/mi and .10/min and that is the rate the passenger will be charged. The surge also raises the min charge to the passenger, for instance they request a trip because they are too lazy to walk to their mailbox and back. When you get a trip request with a pick up address in a surge zone, the surge rate should show on the request screen under the circle/timer. If it doesn't, that trip will not reflect surge pricing.