From Bergen County to NYC vs. from NYC to Bergen County


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Hi there,

I'm an Uber passenger who's just relocated from the west coast. Really appreciate Uber drivers and all they put up with!

At any rate, I'm going to be in Northern NJ (Bergen County) for the next 6-8 weeks for work. I wanted to check and see how much it would cost to Uber from my house to midtown NYC - and was psyched to see it's only around $50.

I assumed it'd be around the same price on the way back - but was shocked to see that it's nearly double!

And now I'm so curious as to why! Does anyone know if there is a reason for this?

Thanks so much in advance and apologies for coming to a board that's just for drivers. Couldn't find another website that could answer.


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Simple to tell you the truth.....NYC is the highest market because uber is under TLC rules a driver needs special license finger prints drug test cars need to pass quarterly inspections just more overhead so the price for the riders reflects that. Still a bargain compared to yellow cab.

Weather is still nice take A train to 175 then cross gwb take uber from there


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Consider giving a GOOD tip to any NJ driver (you know by the plates), taking you from BC to NYC for that price... NJ drivers cannot pick up rides in NY and had to head back to NJ empty ... in that traffic!.. in addition you pay $50 driver probably gets $40 and that includes the toll ($15).. so be a good riders and compensate with tip. NYC drivers are different, as explained above they get much better rates for several reasons which is why it costs you double but they can also wait around NJ doing point-to-point till they get a fare back to NYC and collect double toll.


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Yeah, consider taking the Uber to and from an entry point on the NJ side. That ferry suggestion earlier is a great one since the free bus meets you right off the ferry that goes all around midtown. Not all, but MANY drivers will cancel on you once they see your destination is in NYC, even if you're already in the car. Plus, some will try to charge you a cancellation fee for the inconvenience, even though it's wrong to do so.
Really, take that ferry advise.