Friday morning 1.2x boost???


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Afternoon rush hour should be interesting. This is my Boost during rush hour. I would really love to know how they determine where and amount of Boost. This makes no sense...



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Afternoon rush hour should be interesting. This is my Boost during rush hour. I would really love to know how they determine where and amount of Boost. This makes no sense...

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This right here is exactly why I ditched Uber and went to via. 5 days straight of morning boosts at 3.2->3.5x

By noon I had 60-80 in pocket....which primes me for driving Uber on Saturday for gas expense only and Sunday for chump change only...and even then I hate Uber's rates and commission.


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Curious... Who are these customers that are choosing VIA and why?
Who? Commuters(working professionals) from Central DC and students.

  • Why? because there is a niche that is wide open.
  • Metrobus and Metrorail suck for the very people it was meant for in the first place.
  • Uber is clearly underperforming and yes...there are riders who actually want a chipper, upbeat human being to negotiate rush hour traffic...and I mean someone who feels like they are not being taken advantage of a corporation, service provider or shituation of prevailing circumstance.
  • how : people are flocking in droves to a monthly subscription month of unlimited rides within the service area. So students, political assistants, state employees, federal employees and private citizen now have an affordable, non intrusive method of going from Capital hill S.E. to Georgetown without being conned by price gouging...everything is a if a pax does not want to share a ride they pay a bit extra to fill the car up.
  • when and where : 7am-9pm Monday thru Friday and you dont get pings or dropoffs outside the service area. I make the same money or more with less mileage. as the community increases with more monthly subscribers and more drivers, one of two things happen: a) service area is expanded or b) service hours are extended.
  • as more demand is shown...higher rocket boosts are offered...and while rides may be shorter...the commission is 10%...versions 20-25%....or UPFRONT PRICING.
  • ratings are comprised of a)rider opinion(f&ckall), b) rides initiated after acceptance and c) completion time(no you cant take all day milking a 3.5x rocket boost)...unless its a really big deal you see your overall rating once per week instead of the minute "barry bumknuckles" gets to 1star you for no auxin.
  • FYI: VIA demands that you handle rush hour. You simply have to be ready to handle rush hour. Due to this I know D.C. traffic patterns better than I ever the best way to get to the Kennedy Center from Brookland Catholic is North Capital to Rhode Island to 11th to I Street to the 19th/21st somethings to Virginia ave....or the best way to beat it in the morning uptown from downtown to Columbia Heights is H or L to 16th street. My point is that you begin to see the dreaded dc traffic differently than that of a standard Uber/Lyft driver...why? because you are hustling to an optimal rocket zone or at least the area on the map with the most heat.
  • FYI: You will need a second device for music/podcasts. The App stops the music everytime it dings. SO ANNOYING...but fixable. my ipad is in my lap as the jukebox.
  • I don't care what the customer pays. I know they are all cheap...but as long as my service provider is paying me appropriately and giving me REGULAR work expectations...I will be alright. By regular I mean I don't want to be sitting in a car with nothing to do. constant steady pings and pickups.
  • VIA suffers in the rain due to pax getting wet on street corners. I don't care....I just don't.
  • VIA pools never obligate the driver to leave the destination vector.(what a concept)
  • local live support.
  • invitation to company announcements if you are good(I guess)

its not always perfect...but the truth is I have never had a drunken manchild/woman child while at work for VIA. If a pax tries to backseat drive I point to the camera by my phone/interface and tell them I am going to follow the instructions that my service provider sends me.(codified as I am driving...not you)

Rush hour driving is tough and compensated with proper multipliers. It could be better but so far I don't mind.

My biggest gripe with VIA is sometimes when I get sent on a can be a little far for my liking...and I wish they would pay for that...but what I do LOVE is that I see my destination as I am going to the pickup.

also there are no cancel fees given so it encourages you to get cheap pax in the ride...

there also added in tipping...but get this...its like .29-.69 cents. I guess because its the logical fraction of the fare that they paid.

So I make $2-$10 in tips per day. lol. I guess people tip because its more accessible.