Friday afternoon surge?


So I've noticed that occasionally rates surge in the late afternoon with folks getting off of work. I haven't paid too much attention to the days & locations but is Friday afternoon a good time to maybe venture out to catch a surge or two? If so, what part of town and what time?

Disgusted Driver

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The only constant in this game is that when people figure out a trend it goes away. The only exception to the only constant is Sat. night 2am bar closing and even that the newbies are doing their best to screw up.

For example, I looked at the app last night and watched at least 6 or 7 cars sitting at Regency Park waiting for Frankie Valli to finish up.What's th problem here? Those dunces are waiting, spending their time, for the pleasure of a regular rate fare, no surge for them. I see the same idiots at 1:45am getting scooped up on Glenwood ave. They need to stay offline till the surge starts. Too many people giving it away to have a regular good thing.