Free subway for uber drivers!?

Uber's Guber

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Science has shown the average male Uber driver packs a six inch or less salami sammich, I'm just glad I'm above science.
Uber gruber was confused with his measurements, he meant to say he has a 12 cm salami sammich. He’s always confused using the metric system 😝
Well, of course I was exaggerating.....
If my salami was really 12",
it would be a damn foot! 🦶 *confusion*


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I get the Sorry no snacks in this area message. - I'm at the Gold level right now if it matters.
You need to be at diamond level, and you should have subway free snacks listed as an option in your Uber driver app, when you click on the magnifying glass.


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Actually, I only see a free drink. (I'm blue instead of gold, due to some cancellations.)
I'm Gold mainly because the market is slow/over saturated. I have no idea what I get because when I click on it it says "Sorry, no snacks in this area."


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I am only platinum and in Salt Lake City, UT USA. If you pull up the bottom of the screen(where you would click to go offline or see promotions). It shows What the special of the day is!! I went and got my cookie and drink for free!! TY Subway!!


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I got this email today that Uber added a new perk. Free subway every day! This is a great perk that I would use but the problem is I can’t find any info on it other than the email. Did anyone else get this email? Do you know how to use it?
So i tried to get my free subway today at 3 different locations. The third location told me there are only 2 locations in san diego that honor the deal. They are both downtown. And good luck with parking. 😂😂😂😂 it would be interesting to see how many drivers actually run the rat race for a free 6 inch sub.
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There are specific Subways that participate in the promotion and many that do not. The app will direct you to the ones that do.

5 sodas
5 cookies
2 sandwiches

and counting
My app has directed me to 3 different subways with a 0% succesa rate for them accepting the coupon. Its so frustrating that i will have them make the sandwich and then throw it away when they wont take the coupon
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Got it again tonight, full meal.
No luck here
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Stands to reason this is a popular thread... 😃

Is this the time to come clean on where to get free breakfast every morning? You poor ants!!!